Wild & Wonderful


My friend, Marie, bravely fought cancer for more than five years.
When Marie informed me that she would have to do chemotherapy again,
I said, "Let's have some fun first!."

I'd had an idea for incorporating color into a mohawk haircut.
We first did a long mohawk
preserving the existing length and donating the rest to

As soon as she got home
her kids went out and bought
some wild temporary color
and they did another photo shoot.

Within a week Marie called me to say
"This hair is driving me crazy
- we need to do something!"
We re-colored it and
made a short mohawk.

A week later we did a buzz cut.

As Marie's hair grew back
we experimented with
accessorizing with color.
Sadly Marie succumbed
to her illness in January 2010.



Madeline was my neighbor and choir director in Virginia. I regularly cut her hair in a short pixie style long before I went professional. One evening she announced that she wanted me to shave her head. I was stunned until she explained that she intended to get up at 5 am every day during the summer and to swim for an hour. "I don't want to mess with my hair!" said Madeline. "I don't want to shave your head!" said Lee. From this stand off was born my Lady's Buzz Cut.



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