Color Work

Gray Reduction - a translucent deposit-only color
such as Logics Imprints is an excellent way
to turn grey into interesting dimensions.

Low lighting - with deposit-only color offers
another way to roll back the clock.

Over lightened hair or hair that is too ash blonde can appear gray.
Low lights restore warmth and contrast.

This client didn't want to lose any length
on her over-processed and badly permed hair.
A year of the right products and techniques restored it.

Tintbacks and corrective color are perhaps
the greatest challenges in hair coloring.
The missing base pigments must be restored
in order to achieve vibrant, healthy looking color.

A change in tonality makes for an impressive makeover.

Double process coloring is required to turn a brunette to a light or platinum blonde.
Most of the natural pigment must be bleached out of the hair.
A toner is required to achieve the final result.
High maintenance & hard on the hair.

can be SUBTLE

can be BOLD


Highlights can be used
to build DIMENSION
in a change of TONALITY.

Peek-a-boo color is a fun option
for those who can part their hair on either side:
for the

for the Nightspots


Zone Color is a wonderful, low maintenance option
for those wanting a bit of dimension.



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